Merchant Services

Merchant Lynx Services can solve all of your electronic processing needs! Find out how we can assist you applying any of the following to your business:

Credit & Debit Card Processing
We provide everything you need to process credit and debit cards.
From superior merchant services to state-of-the-art terminals and software. Our products have proven to be the industry leaders in technology and usability.

  • Some of the lowest rates in the market place
  • Same day on-site assistance
  • Dependable customer service 24/7
  • Supplies & Warranty Included
  • Exceptional Rates for Mail Order/ Telephone Order Processing
  • User Friendly E-Commerce Applications

Credit Services

  • Credit Card Processing

E-Commerce Processing

  • Point-of-Sale Applications
  • Web Site Applications

Gift Card Programs

  • Custom Gift Cards

Debit Services

  • Debit Card Processing

Check Guarantee Services

  • Stop Payment Coverage
  • Bank Fee Reimbursement
  • No fault Coverage
  • 7 Day Claims Payment

Digital Check Imaging
As a merchant, you know how inconvenient and costly a returned can be. Merchant Lynx’s Services check guarantee service will eliminate the risks and inconveniences that are usually associated with accepting checks.